Floor Chair and Floor Seating Options

BackJack Chairs

BackJack Chairs

What's your floor chair for? School or children?  Yoga class? Lamaze? Gaming marathons? Extra guests at movie night? The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to the uses for BackJack chairs.

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Floor Cushions

Floor Cushions

A new addition to our site, Floor Cushions! Try any of the items or a combination of our Zabutons and Zafus for back care, meditation, stress reduction and comfort.

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Replacement Covers

BackJack Chair Replacement Covers

After years of heavy-duty use, your BackJack chair may show signs of living a rough life. When spot cleaning no longer works (covers are not machine-washable), simply order a replacement cover.

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BackJack Chair Cushions

BackJack Chair Cushions

Slip this pad over the back of your BackJack and center it wherever you need additional padding. Whether it is your neck or lower back, this cushion provides a little extra comfort. All colors are available.

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