BackJack Cushion

BackJack Cushions: The Multipurpose Accessory

BackJack Floor Chairs are well-built and feature-complete seats. Their durability, versatility, and portability make them staples for family movie nights, senior centers, concertgoers, and more. But for all that functionality, some people do discover that, for them, the chairs feel lacking in back padding. For those individuals (and other BackJack owners, as we’ll discover), BackJack makes cushions for the regular and XL-sized chairs. 

The basic design of BackJack chairs is intended to promote good posture and spinal alignment; the cushions aren’t necessary to “unlock” those features. But the back cushions do make sitting in the chairs for prolonged periods of time a more comfortable affair. And for individuals with injuries or medical conditions that cause musculoskeletal back pain, the cushions offer an additional layer of support to promote pain-free relaxation. But the cushions do so much more than those two admirable functions. 

Individuals and families who love to travel will find that the BackJack cushion makes an excellent travel pillow. The cotton duck exterior is incredibly durable and will stand up to repeated packing/unpacking and use in busy environments. They can also add an additional level of seat or back support to aging airplane and train seats that may be worn or were never well-padded, to begin with. The same is true for bleacher seats at football and basketball venues; sitting in them for any prolonged period is almost sure to equal a numb behind and a sore back without an additional cushion. You could invest in a stadium seat that serves a single purpose, or a BackJack cushion that serves many. 

If you aren’t sure whether a BackJack chair cushion will suit your needs or not, don’t hesitate to reach out to’s customer service representatives. We’re available online and by phone at 1-800-906-7761.