BackJack’s Diverse Lineup

BackJack’s Diverse Lineup

Over the last month, several prominent news outlets have published stories about the health benefits of sitting on the floor versus in a “traditional” chair—CNN, Inverse, and the Science Times among them. The growing sentiment among medical professionals seems to be that sitting on the floor, where we can naturally vary our posture to a greater degree, is better for the longevity of our musculoskeletal systems. On the other hand, sitting on a bare floor isn’t a particularly comfortable arrangement.

There are traditional solutions, of course, like the zafu/zabuton or zaisu/zabuton combinations often found in Japanese homes. But there are also more modern solutions, especially BackJack Product’s line of floor chairs. The diverse range of size and storage options means there’s a chair for almost everyone. Additionally, BackJack floor chairs are largely compatible with other floor-sitting furniture like kotatsu tables.

BackJack floor chairs come in two sizes, Regular and XL. The Regular chair is ideal for children and average-height adults, while the XL chair is perfectly suited for taller individuals. Choosing the correct size helps ensure that you get maximum lumbar support where you need it—a feature that’s all-too-often absent from more traditional floor seating options. The chairs allow people who have grown out of the habit of sitting on the floor to reacclimate easily and comfortably.

BackJack also produces folding and fixed versions of each chair, so no matter how much free floor space you have you can probably fit a floor chair or two in your life. The fixed chairs are an excellent option for people who have the space to leave them out. The folding chairs, on the other hand, are easy to store under a bed, in a closet, or just about anywhere else. With the number of options available, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the health benefits associated with sitting on the floor.

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