Crafting a Meditative Space at Home
PUBLISHED: Monday, November 9, 2020

Crafting a Meditative Space at Home

There’s an old adage among poker players that says the game takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. What it really means is that the basic rules of the game are straightforward while the nuance is infinitely complex—and that’s as true of creating meditation space at home as it is of playing cards. Crafting a space that lets you be truly mindful and set aside all external thoughts is relatively simple in theory, but there are finer points that can be difficult to appreciate until they’ve been experienced. What follows here is a primer on some of the basics, as well as some of the points where nuance comes into play.

The Right Feeling

When it comes to your meditation space, we must talk about “feeling” in two distinct senses. The first is how you, as the practitioner, feel about the space and the second is how the space influences your feelings. Both are important to making the most of your meditative practice and reaping the benefits of mindfulness.

In the first instance, we’re looking at how you feel about your space. In short, you’re looking for some area in your home that feels right to you. It could be a sense of safety or comfort or whatever else you prioritize—just make sure the space you choose is one that won’t be constantly invading your thoughts for any reason. This is somewhere that nuance comes into play; if nothing feels “right” then look for a space where you know you can relax physically and mentally. It should provide enough room for you to move around a bit (change seating position and so on), but it doesn’t have to be a large and open space.

The second sense in which the word feeling matters is how the space you choose influences your feelings. You should try to pick a space that doesn’t inspire anger or frustration or other impassioned moods; the décor should be relatively neutral and free of nuisances. The space should also be relatively comfortable. Not so much so that you’re lulled to sleep, of course, but the space shouldn’t feel uncomfortable to enter or be in. In short, you’re looking for a space that feels right without stirring any pointed emotions or drives—the goal is to be able to turn your thoughts entirely inward.

Make It Your Own

The space that you choose for meditation should be one that feels yours. Personalize it with pleasing scents and decorations that don’t distract you or hamper your mindfulness. Make it comfortable for your pets if you prefer to have them around while you meditate. Whatever makes your meditative space feel personal to you is fair game. Adding small flourishes to your space can help you relax and achieve mindfulness more quickly and fully. It also very often provides you with small pieces of your meditation space that you can take with you when you go on a trip or move to a new dwelling—both important for preserving mindful practice when the space around you necessarily changes.

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