New Habit for a New Season

Meditation Practice in Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful time for meditation practice. The changing season is an excellent opportunity for those new to meditation to establish solid foundational habits, and it allows experienced practitioners to expand their horizons with new guided meditation and outdoor experiences. In this entry, we’ll look at some of the unique benefits that fall offers to those who practice—or want to practice—mindfulness.

New Habits for a New Season

Changes in season are a good time to establish new habits or correct existing ones. Environmental reminders like ambient temperature, weather, and sunrise/sunset all shift, giving you an opportunity to start from a mentally and emotionally fresh state. If you found yourself consistently slouching during yoga and/or meditation during the summer, make a conscious effort to correct that behavior as autumn takes hold. If you’ve been wanting to use some of your spare time to take up a mindful practice, let the transition from summer to fall be a natural starting point for your meditation. Fall is an excellent opportunity for beginners and old hands alike to make meaningful changes in life, hobbies, and habits.

Outdoor Experiences

The early- to mid-autumn period presents an opportunity for mindful practitioners of all sorts—yogis, meditators, students of ki, and more—to reconnect with the natural world. In many parts of the US, the fall weather is crisp without being uncomfortable. Insects start to retreat into their winter abodes, so there are fewer creepy-crawlies to contend with. The changing color of the leaves on trees offers a beautifully serene backdrop for introspection. The air even smells and feels cleaner, somehow. Taking your mindful practice outdoors in the fall just makes sense, for both comfort and appreciation for nature.

This is especially true for meditation because there are numerous guided experiences centered around different aspects of autumn. Some use the trees or falling leaves as an analogy for strength or clear-mindedness, others focus on the cooler temperatures and how they can relate to temperament, and so on. Experienced practitioners are encouraged to try these kinds of guided meditations to get a fresh perspective and make sure that they’re staying introspective.

At, our customer service experts are available to help you find the perfect cushion or chair to compliment your autumn meditation practices. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for years, planning to practice indoors or out, we can help you make sure that your meditative sessions are comfortable.