Woman Meditating

Staying Awake While Meditating

Meditation is intended to be both mindful and relaxing. But for some people relaxation frequently turns into sleep, and that’s counterproductive to mindfulness. If you count yourself among the population of meditation practitioners that struggle to stay awake through your sessions, there are certainly measures you can take to keep yourself from dozing off. But it also helps to be aware of why you’re falling asleep while meditating so that the root cause can be addressed or compensated for. 

Human beings are very likely busier now than at any previous point in our history. The connected world that we’ve built is a wonder for productivity and staying in touch with distant loved ones, but it also means that a majority of us are never “off”. People who start a meditative practice in response to those constant intrusions from the digital world may find themselves more prone to falling asleep. Their bodies recognize the unplugged time as down time and try to capitalize on it by recovering lost sleep time. So, obvious as it might sound, if you find yourself consistently drifting off while you’re trying to meditate then the first solution is to make sure you’re getting enough regular sleep. 

But what about those of you who are getting an adequate amount of sleep and still dozing off during your meditation sessions? Some well-worn tricks for a general boost of energy are great starting points. Drinking a glass of cold water and then splashing a bit on your face is a proven tandem for increasing your energy and alertness—plus, proper hydration helps regulate and improve the quality of sleep. It’s also important to avoid places and postures that your body associates with sleep. You shouldn’t meditate on your bed or lying down, of course. But if you’re prone to drifting off sitting in a favorite recliner or couch, avoid those pieces of furniture and the postures you associate with them. A zafu/zabuton combination or a BackJack floor chair can provide a comfortable seat for meditation while putting your body in a more active posture that it is unlikely to associate with sleep. 

Meditation is an incredibly rewarding, mindful practice. But we need to stay awake and alert to enjoy its benefits. If you find yourself searching for an alternative to sitting in your favorite chair or on the bare floor, the customer service representatives at FloorSeating.com are happy to help and are readily available online or by phone at 1-800-906-7761.