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BackJack Material Options

BackJack chairs are well-regarded for their versatile applications and durable frames, but one component is sometimes overlooked— the covers. BackJack offers the covers in three different material options, each with distinct advantages for different applications. Understanding some of the features of the different materials will help you choose the right one for your own BackJack chairs.

Cotton Duck Covers

The first in the material lineup is a cotton duck, a canvas derivative known for its durability and wide range of uses. Cotton duck is a go-to fabric for athletic shoe uppers, tents, hammocks, sandbags, and other applications where strength and wear-resistance are important. For most BackJack owners, these covers will be the best balance of comfort and toughness.

It should be noted, though, that duck is not recommended for machine washing or vigorous hand washing. The fabric should only be spot cleaned to maximize its lifespan, which means it may not be a suitable option for those who will (or may) need to clean their chair covers regularly and thoroughly.

TuffDuck™ Covers

TuffDuck is a proprietary fabric made in the United States. The construction is like cotton duck but uses corded polyester instead of cotton as a base. The result is a super-tough fabric regularly used to make gardening aprons, firewood totes, and other heavy-duty products. These covers are ideal for businesses/organizations that use BackJack floor chairs— senior centers, schools, yoga studios, and so on. Any setting where the chairs will be moved, stored, rearranged, and used frequently will benefit from TuffDuck covers.

Like the cotton duck covers, these aren’t recommended for machine washing. However, the durable nature of the TuffDuck fabric means the covers can be scrubbed a bit more vigorously when spot cleaning— another reason these covers are ideal for commercial/organizational use.

Denim Covers

These covers are made from the same denim as your jeans (and maybe your jacket, depending on your age or style). Denim covers are the softest, but also the least wear-resistant of the three. These should generally only be used in residential settings where the chair won’t be shared among more than a few people, but they work well in that sort of role. Also noteworthy is the fact that the denim covers can occasionally be machine washed and tumbled dry. It shouldn’t be done often so as to prevent shrinking, but in the event of a major spill or stain it can be done.

Ultimately, the range of BackJack chair covers is broad enough to cover nearly any need. If you have additional questions about which might be best for you, our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available online at and by phone at 1-800-906-7761.