BackJack Custom Embroidery
PUBLISHED: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

BackJack Custom Embroidery

BackJack floor chairs are an excellent choice for individuals interested in adding a supportive structure to their yoga routine, enjoying the health benefits of a natural seated posture, or supplementing their existing seating with a comfortable and storable option. But the utility of BackJack chairs also extends to businesses and organizations of all sizes. The flexible setup and storage options are obvious benefits, but’s custom embroidery options are another. Adding your organization’s name or logo to your chairs is a cost-effective and functional way to reinforce your brand without being ham-fisted. It also clearly indicates which chairs belong to your business or organization. offers embroidery on all BackJack chairs—no size or cover material excluded. Business/organization logos are embroidered on the chair backs for high visibility and can be rendered as either 4 or 6 square-inch images. We can handle projects ranging from wordmarks to graphic logos and anything in between. Regardless of the size of the embroidered area, we charge a one-time fee to calibrate our machines for your project. After that setup, you’re only charged per chair embroidered.

All custom embroidery work is done at our facility here in the United States of America, not outsourced internationally. This means that we’re typically able to deliver orders within 30 days of the date they’re placed, although especially large orders may require some additional processing time.

At, we pride ourselves on quality customer service. Our representatives are available online and by phone at 1-800-906-7761 to answer any questions you might have about our products and our custom embroidery service.

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