Independence Day

Enjoying Independence Day

This Independence Day, like much of 2020 ahead, is surrounded by uncertainty. Some states and municipalities are cancelling parades and fireworks displays, while others are still planning to hold them with varying degrees of social distancing or crowd reduction measures. However you’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July this year—a public fireworks display at your local park or high school, a private display at your house or on your block, or watching on television from the comfort of home—you’ll need someplace to sit. Why not have an all-American chair to celebrate our most patriotic holiday?

BackJack chairs are designed and manufactured in the USA. Supporting their products means supporting families and communities just like your own—places where the familiar chorus of lawnmowers or street sweepers rings out all summer, where kids play baseball or stickball in streets and front yards, where the heart of America beats strong. Bringing a BackJack chair along for your Fourth of July says that you aren’t just proud to be an American, you’re proud to support your fellow Americans through good times and bad.

BackJack products also carry on the proud spirit of “Made in the USA”. Their chairs and cushions are well-made and intended to last through heavy use. The frames are all crafted from durable aluminum, and the folding chair features a patented mechanism that incorporates a heavy-duty spring for a long lifetime of use. Like a Gillette Slim Adjustable razor or KitchenAid stand mixer, BackJack chairs are built to be handed down from one generation to the next. Why not celebrate our nation’s independence and endurance with a chair made to match?

At, we believe in supporting manufacturers who honor the spirit and hard-working people of the USA. From our family to yours, happy Independence Day. To the brave people who have served or are currently in our armed forces, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.