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    Floor Seating is the Most Versatile Furniture for a Modern Home

    Floor Seating is the Most Versatile Furniture for a Modern Home

    Our series on floor seating has, thus far, been focused primarily on the myriad health benefits the practice offers. But that’s only one side of the story. Floor chairs and cushions are a versatile addition to almost any living space, offering expanded seating options for guests or useful alternatives to couches and chairs for homeowners. The truth is that floor seating is more than just a health-conscious choice—it’s a great way to save floor space in crowded homes without sacrificing the comfort of guests, and it gives greater flexibility for owners/renters to use more of their living space.

    Easy Extra Seating

    If you’ve ever had friends or family over for a gathering and watched them awkwardly squeeze together on a couch or sectional, then you understand how valuable some extra seats can be. Folding chairs can fill that niche to a degree, but storing more than a few of them can be cumbersome. Plus, they don’t work all that well in tighter spaces like apartments and townhomes. Floor chairs and cushions, on the other hand, have all of the same upsides but almost none of the problems. They take up less space when stowed, so you can fit more of them in a closet or mixed-use storage space. They also occupy less floor space than other alternatives, so you can comfortably have more of them out—which means more ample seating for friends and family.

    Making the Most of Your Space

    Have you ever felt like you don’t actually use very much of the space in your home? Maybe you’ve looked at the empty gulf between your couch and television and wondered how it could be repurposed? Perhaps you’ve got a room set aside as an office, but you only use the 5x5 area that encompasses your workstation? Floor seating gives you a way to use those blank spaces without obstructing or cluttering them. A floor chair or zafu can transform that empty space in front of a television into a prime viewing area. Set them up around a large enough coffee table and you have a reasonable place to eat meals occasionally. A few cushions in an office or guest bedroom can make for a nice meditative or mindful space. The point is that floor seating allows you to make the most of all of the space that you’ve bought or rented, not just some of it.

    Whether you’re ready to commit to floor seating or just browsing your options, our catalog has something to suit all tastes and needs.